Program Overview

Getting a Tongji International MBA: A unique experience.

Imaging being enrolled in a MBA program located in one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant cities Shanghai. Welcome to Tongji MBA, we’ve been waiting for you.

The Tongji International MBA is intended to equip participants with a comprehensive, theoretical and practical understanding of modern management in a multi-cultural environment. Based on the disciplinary advantages of Tongji University, the MBA program has gradually evolved its own professional features, especially in project management, real estate, service and operation management, and finance.

IMBA Full Time
Program Duration Teaching Language Class-Time
The Tongji IMBA program 2 years English Between Monday to Friday

- Students shall receive a MBA degree from Tongji University upon successful completion of the program.

- The program commences in September each

Class Profile

Class Size:


Female rate:


International student rate:


Average Age:

29 years old

Average Annual Salary:

430K RMB

80% of Students Work Experience:

4-10 years (Average 7 years)

Post MBA Employment rate:

Program Feature
Some Highlights
- Over 60% of faculty members of the IMBA program are foreign professors.
- 100% of faculty members of the IMBA program have international & hands-on experience.
- SEM is ranked in the Top5 in applied research in business schools in China.
- 200+ faculty members in SEM. Many of them hold positions in national, academic and government committees.
- 2700+ publications (based on CNK I,EI, EBSCO, FT 45, UT Dallas 24 searching results) by SEM faculty were recorded over the past five years (2012-2016).
- SEM has established close working relationships with a number of leading companies on consulting projects across the world, such as BAOSTEEL, Disney, Honeywell, HSBC, IBM, Volkswagen.
What Makes Us Different ?


We're in Shanghai. Where people who speak different languages bursting with creative inspiration. Shanghai is destined to soon become the new gateway to Asia and the world.


An intensive, integrative program combines case studies, experiential projects, study trips and a wide range of activities. The course combines Chinese experience and global knowledge.


Besides teaching led by senior member of the Tongji faculty, the IMBA program selects professors from the world's most renowned business schools, with an emphasis on their teaching abilities as well as hands-on experiences.


The School is accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS and offers exchange programs to 50+ of the world's renowned business schools.


500 IMBA graduates and 5500 MBA graduates share an energetic, magnetic alumni network all over the world. MBA Career Development Center facilitates various activities to prepare students for their future employment.


The university is situated in downtown area and has easy access to the convenient public transportation. In addition, there are various societies that you may like to join.

Core Module

Management and Organizational Behavior

Managerial Economics

Data Models and Decisions

Strategic Management


Financial Management


Human Resource Management

Information Systems and Information Resources Management

Operations Management

General Elective Module

Business Law


Macroeconomic Analysis

Sustainable Development and Management

Enterprise Merger and Reorganization

Business Plan

Organization Design and Simulation

International Trade Practices

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management

Specialized Elective Module

Project Management

Business Negotiation

Corporate Governance

Leadership and The Art of Leadership

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Business Ethics

Career management

Other Module:
Master classes & Seminars, Corporate Research Projects, Study trip, International Exchange program, Graduation thesis

* Subject to change according with prior notice
Program Faculty
Besides teaching led by senior members of the Tongji faculty, IMBA program selects professors from the world's renowned business schools, with an emphasis on their teaching abilities as well as their hands-on experience. As many of our professors also consult for the Chinese government, local and multinational companies, the combination of Chinese experience and global knowledge makes the Tongji MBA program a truly unique one.
International Opportunities
International Exchange
SEM has built up extensive exchange and long-term cooperation relationship with more than 26 countries and 80 universities or schools. Every year, these schools provide over 250 slots to SEM students to go abroad for exchange study from 3 months to 2 years. Below is a partial list, a list of partner schools can be found on SEM's website.

* Subject to change according with prior notice

International Study Trip

Overseas study trip and Summer program are offered to enhance IMBA students' global perspective. Normally, the program includes lectures, case studies,guest speaker sessions, company visit and cultural activities.
In order to reinforce the knowledge and skills students leader in class,the study trip will bring them to visit famous oversea enterprises and world top universities.
Career Development
-Long Learning
Tongji university took the lead in setting up Career Development Center, providing career counseling, coaching, and other activities to help IMBA students design a better career path in personal development.
Through integrating school’s various resources, the MBA Career Development Center facilitates various activities to prepare students for their future employment
Alumni Network

As soon as you start your MBA journey at Tongji university, you plug into an unrivalled alumni network of more than 500 IMBA alumni and 5500 MBA alumni. They share an energetic, magnetic alumni network all over the world. They are elites in different industries, serving as executives in large state-owned enterprises, multinational companies, and government organizations.

Through integrating school's various resources, the MBA Career Development Center facilitates various activities to prepare students for their future employment. Over 50% alumni has participated in SEM/MBA seminars:Campus Activities, Network Events, International Study Trip, Alumni Free Course, Alumni Club.

Alejandra Scolorzano (Peru 2016 IMBA Full-Time)
I am so glad to join Tongji IMBA Program. It’s about the people you meet, learning and gaining knowledge and the experience from the foreign and local professors,also from my classmates which are a variety of professionals and life situations,is a satisfactory experience. Have the chance to know more about Chinese culture. Every single day makes me feel so motivated and inspired. Feeling the support of each other along the way and together celebrating successes.
Demis Bugatti (Italy 2015IMBA Part-Time)
I strongly suggest to all the people who want to understand the dynamics of the contemporary world to submit and participate to this course, it is challenging but really well organized,you can meet very experienced professors coming from all around the world and build friendship with valuable classmate. It helps you to grow up professionally,open your mind and see thing from a different and more completed prospective,definitely a great experience that will bring with yourself for the rest of your life.
YI Mi Linh (Russia 2018 IMBA Full-Time)
Having a technical, professional financial background, I was looking for something which would help me in my career transition. Another reason why I chose the Tongji IMBA program was to become a better leader. After doing my own research on several business schools, I decided that Tongji IMBA was the right choice for me: top-class professors with good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The program is highly demanding in terms of time dedication but rewarding in terms of knowledge and development of critical thinking. Other valuable aspect of the program are the fellow students, whose diversity in terms of experience and challenging discussions enrich the learning experience. If you commit yourself to learning and obtaining an opportunity, then this program is a great choice and will help you achieve your goals.
How to apply

How to apply

Online application
Pay the
application fee
Interview by invitation
decision notification

Admissions >>


· Non-Chinese citizen in good health both mentally and physically.

· Applicants for master degree program must have a bachelor degree.

· For Part-time programs application, applicants should work in China and hold Z-VISA.

· An acceptable GMAT/GRE score or other equivalent graduate school entrance examination scores within the period of validity is a plus.


The GMAT Institution Code of Tongji IMBA is KXQ-WQ-60.For more details, please visit

GRE Code

The GRE Institution Code for Tongji International MBA is 0384 For more information, please visit

Application Period

-January to April every year

Application Materials

1. A copy of the passport (personal information page).

2. Graduation certificate and degree certificate. If the certificate is not in Chinese or English, the original notarized translated versions must be submitted.

*The certificate should be notarized by local Chinese Embassy or local Chinese Consulates (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

Certificate of expected graduation issued by current academic institution (for applicants who will be graduating after current academic year only and must be the Original copy).

Degree certificate is required to be verified; and notarized documents related to the degree certificate must be submitted at the registration.

3. Original or notarized academic transcripts of the bachelor program. If the academic transcripts are not in Chinese or English, the original notarized translated document must be submitted.

* The transcript should be notarized by local Chinese Embassy or local Chinese Consulates (or foreign embassies or consulates in China).

4. Copy of New HSK Certificate

For the programs on Management & Economics: New HSK Band 4 certificate with total score no less than 200.

(If the applicant’s undergraduate or graduate program is taught in Chinese, the applicant is not required to provide HSK certificate but has to hand in the certificate for Chinese-taught degree program.)

5. Original recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors or work related manager (contact information is necessary).

6. Personal statement. Around 1000 words for graduate program, in Chinese (Chinese- taught programs) or English (English-taught programs). Study and work experience, academic research achievement, planned research proposal and personal prospect after graduation should be included.

7. Physical health report issued within the last six months or valid Chinese visa.

8. Payment evidence

If the applicant pays the application fee through bank or online bank, it is required to provide a photo of receipt or screenshot of transaction.

No requirement for those who pay through the online application system.

9. Catalogue and abstract of published papers and any other material that can prove your academic research ability.

10. Other supporting materials, such as approve letter from supervisor in Tongji, award certificates, admission notice from other universities, etc.

* In addition to the application materials mentioned above, the university may require applicants to provide supplementary materials, depending on the circumstances. You need to upload all the material on our online application system. When uploading, files without corresponding category should belong to other supporting materials. When fall semester begins, you shall bring the documents and certificates with you for further check. Detailed information will be listed on our Registration Guide and will be sent out with the admission notice. Your admission will be cancelled if your documents are found to be fake.

Application Guide

Step 1

Online application

Apply through online application system of Tongji University ( and finish online application procedure.

Step 2

Pay the application fee

Application fee: RMB600 (nonrefundable).
You can pay through:
a. our online application system
b. bank or online bank, and you are also required to upload your receipt to our online application system.

Account information:

Contact Us

MBA Admissions Office

C402,Zhongfa Center, Siping Road 1239,Tongji University, Shanghai,200092

Tel: +86-21-65982778-816

Tel: +86-21-65982778-816