Ford Smart Mobility Internship Project (For Full-time MBA Students only)

公司: Ford 地址: Shanghai Information Tower, 211 Century Boulevard, Shanghai 200120

Job Title: Ford Smart Mobility Internship Project

Job Description & Qualifications

Job Description:

· Develop a landscape of mobility for the market. This should cover factors impacting customer demand, emerging mobility solutions, and the providers entering the space. Scope includes transport as a service solutions, ownership lifecycle solutions, and vehicle usage solutions.

· Identify priority areas to target for the market, and experiments or business pilots to conduct.

· Engage potential external partners and explore opportunities.

· Plan experiments/pilots, build prototypes, and analyze the results.

· Coordinate efforts through Smart Mobility Senior Manager in Shanghai and connect to the broader strategy and related global efforts.


· Above 3 years’ experience, and relevant working experience in Auto industry

· Business acumen and technology proficiency

· Entrepreneurial mindset and drive

· Strategic analysis

· Financial analysis

· Market and Corporate Research

· Ability to think strategically, anticipate what’s coming, and translate this into viable projects to pursue

· A self-starter who can develop a network of contacts inside and outside the company, and take action despite ambiguity and uncertainty

Working Location: Shanghai Information Tower, 211 Century Boulevard, Shanghai 200120

Promising Working Time:

· Part-time: Delegated at least 2 days per week from now on

· Full-time: From June to September, 2016

· Application Deadline: March 31, 2016

· Interview Method:

-CV screening by Ford HR

-1st round telephone interview in March

-2nd round face to face interview in early April

pls send your CV to Cathy: