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Job Summary:

IHS Automotive Consultant’s primary responsibility is to convert his or her experience, knowledge, insights, and analysis into sustainable, profitable IHS services.   Marketing IHS and themselves as experts with professionalism is essential to this role.  Consultants should also endeavor to build and nourish relationships with key industry contacts that utilize or could benefit from IHS services.  

Consultants sell, execute and deliver consulting engagements and, as such, play an integral role in every aspect of the client relationship.  This includes advising, marketing, product development, client support, billing, and collection.

This position has various and increasing requirements dependent on the years of experience and demonstrated of capabilities.


§  Maintain general knowledge of automotive market for interaction with project managers and occasionally, clients.

§  Support execution of project proposals requested by clients.  Capable of independent work to support project delivery.

§  Possess and demonstrate clear communications skills and analytical creativity to determine and develop deliverables that best serves client needs and budget.

§  Expected to have excellent analytical skills to support requirements of projects he/she leads or supports.

§  Maintain a fundamental working knowledge of the basic IHS databases and tools.

§  Prepare written reports or presentations following IHS standards.  Be capable of summarizing project information for clear presentation of results and conclusions to clients.  Interface with client if necessary in the presentation of the final results.

§  Ensure consistency of complex technology forecasts including familiarity with automotive powertrains and tires.

§  Support commercial and technology assessments.  Understand, use, improve and develop competitive assessment tools and economic modeling tools.  Actively pursue and develop unique analytical approaches that provide value to IHS’s clients and/or potential clients. Execute or support execution of projects using these tools and other unique analytical approaches.


§  Execute single client proposals requested by clients.  Be able to sell and negotiate closure of proposals.

§  Project management responsibilities require that the consultant manage the analysis and report generation required to satisfy single client projects.  Consultant may be required to direct analysis and reports from other service groups within IHS and/or to complete analysis and reports based on work of other IHS consultants.

§  Maintain a detailed working knowledge of the basic IHS databases and tools. Be able to manipulate models or extract information from models to satisfy unique single client requests.

§  Market IHS products and services via direct and indirect client contact.

§  Actively pursue and develop unique analytical approaches that provide value to IHS’s clients and/or potential clients.

§  Support and expand engagements into larger strategic advisory roles for IHS.

§  Be able to summarize report into presentation format and delivery presentation to client.


§  Clear written and verbal communication skills and analytical creativity to determine deliverables that best serves client needs and budget.

§  Ability to stay abreast of the full range of products and services offered by IHS.

§  Ability to interface with client and speak in public

§  Ability to think through questions and/or problems and independently provide solutions.


1.     Bachelors Degree, technical preferred. 0-12 years industry experience.  

2.     Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office Professional Suite, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

3.     Personable interface at multiple levels within a client’s organization.

4.     Cooperatively work across the organization at multi levels to efficiently and effectively utilize the resources and knowledge base available in a team approach.

5.     Communicating internationally with consultants in other world regions in multiple time zones effectively.

6.     Excellent oral and written communication skills.

7.     Excellent analytical and organizational skills.

8.     Ability to travel (Including international travel).

Eligible colleagues must meet the requirements of the job as indicated in the posted job description. Colleagues must have at least six months of continuous service in their current position with IHS to apply for a posted job, unless approval is granted by the colleagues’ supervisor and Human Resources. This period allows colleagues to become competent in their current role and demonstrate satisfactory performance.

Colleagues must be in good standing in their current role. Colleagues who have received Disciplinary Action or who have been on a Performance Improvement Plan within the past 6 months may not participate in the Job Posting Program, unless approval is granted by the colleague’s supervisor and Human Resources

Provided that the colleague meets the eligibility requirements mentioned above, as well as the minimum requirements for the position of interest, the colleague should notify his /her supervisor of the intent to apply for an internal position, prior to posting. Any concerns with supervisory notification should be brought to the attention of Human Resources.

Contact: Jingzhe.Zhou@ihsmarkit.com