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About SEM

As one of the higher education institutions that launched the earliest economics and management education in China, the School of Economics & Management began to offer education in economics and management in 1956. The School consists of six departments specializing in Business Administration, Construction Management & Real Estate,  Public Administration Management Sciences & Engineering, Economics & Finance and Accounting, 18 top-ranking institutes, and other teaching facilities and devices.
The School ensures quality education for talented students in economics and management. The School has 199 faculty members, including 56 full-time professors and 68 associate professors. Besides, it has retained a number of management elites active in the business sector as its part-time professors. The School offers 9 undergraduate programs, 14 master programs, 3 doctoral programs as well as 2 post-doctoral mobile research stations and 4 professional degrees. Apart from undergraduate and post-graduate education and scientific research, the School has been devoting considerable efforts to overseas cooperation and exchange programs, establishing close ties of extensive scientific research collaboration and academic exchange with Germany, France, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc. The School is committed to offering students a cutting-edge education, providing them with the means and resources they need to learn and develop management skills.